The Beatles - Live In Stockholm 1964 - New LP

The Beatles - Live In Stockholm 1964 - New LP

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Format: New Sealed LP Vinyl Label: 1960s Records Cat. No. RANDB134LP

Barcode: 5060331753582

Released: 31/05/2024

The Beatles returned to Sweden in 1964, playing four concerts at the Johnneshov Isstadio in Stockholm, two on July 28th and two the following day. This excellent-sounding recording was for broadcast on Swedish TV but neither Ringo’s nor John’s stage mic was working, so all you can hear is what came through Paul’s mic. George and Paul’s vocals, the bass and George's guitar amp come through loud and clear, but the drums and John’s rhythm guitar sound distant. It does mean you have to make do with just the backing vocals on You Can’t Do That and I Wanna Be Your Man. And that was the last the number they played in the evening concert because fans stormed the stage and the group had to stop the show. The LP also includes several live tracks from earlier in 1964, the highlight being a four-minute medley of all five of their UK hit singles from 1962 and 1963, two of which, Love Me Do and Please Please Me they would never play on stage again.