The Sweet - Platinum Rare - New 2LP - RSD21

The Sweet - Platinum Rare - New 2LP - RSD21

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Format: New & Sealed 2LP Label: Prudential Music Group Cat. No: RRC-0016 Barcode: 85218010911 Released: 17/07/2021 *** RECORD STORE DAY 2021 DROP 2 Product Saturday 17 July 2021 ***

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Platinum Rare captures the four founding and original members of the legendary Glam / Hard Rock band The Sweet. This rare collection comes from the personal vault of Sweet lead guitarist Andy Scott. Sweet fans world wide will be amazed by the rarity of the alternate takes and mixes. Many of these listed tracks never saw the light of day on any Sweet release which will make this collection incredibly in demand for the starving classic Sweet / Vinyl collector looking for more rarities. This is a must have for any glam/hard rock collector. Ballroom Blitz (Rough Mix) IDC Jam Midnight to daylight (Outtake) Show Me The Way (Alternative Mix) Log One (That Girl) (Brian Vox) Cover Girl (Band Demo) Love Is Like Oxygen (Instrumental) Windy City (Band Demo) Falling In Love Yesterday's Hero Live For Today (Rough Mix) New Shoes Rebel Rouser (Rough Mix) Fire Engine Blockbuster (Rough Mix) Play All Night (Brian Vox) Strong Love (Outtake) Teenage Rampage (Rough Mix) California Nights (Band Demo) Hellraiser (Rough Mix) Where Do We Go From Here Maggie Silverbird (Band Demo) Lettres D'amour (Band Demo) Lost Angels (Extended Rough Mix)