Stick In The Wheel - Hold Fast - New CD

Stick In The Wheel - Hold Fast - New CD

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Format: New CD Label: From Here Records Cat. No. sitw016cd Barcode: 5056032332058 Released: 21/08/2020

New CD

Stick In The Wheel (singer Nicola Kearey, and guitarist / producer Ian Carter), blend the traditional with their own innovative and unique sound. Their debut From Here (2015) and second album Follow Them True (2018) received much critical acclaim; with the Guardian describing their music as ‘razor-sharp, direct and fantastic’.

Their third album Hold Fast is the creation of a band who are politically motivated, unapologetically raw, experimental and genuine. It’s a made-under-pressure, no-punches-pulled unique and vivid collection of protest music in its true sense, and in times like these it makes Stick In The Wheel one of Britain’s most essential bands.