Soulwax -  Much Against Everyone's Advice - New 2LP

Soulwax - Much Against Everyone's Advice - New 2LP

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Format: New 2LP Label: PIAS Cat. No. PIASC1035LP

Barcode: 5400863142865

Released: 26/04/2024

Expanded 2LP version, now featuring three tracks - ‘The Salty Knowledge of Tears’, ‘Flying Without Wings’ and ‘My Cruel Joke’ - that were included on the original 2000 CD but not the single LP format. Also features three remixes from the time - ‘Conversation Intercom (Vocoder Intermix)’, ‘My Cruel Joke (Mike Rule Joe Cream Mix)’ and ‘Saturday (Roger Manning Mix)’.

Originally released in 2000, Soulwax's Much Against Everyone's Advice still stands the test of time with it's power pop melodies and killer hooks. It spans everything from breakbeat to pure pop with some heavy guitars for good measure.