Nightjar - Mala Leche - New LP

Nightjar - Mala Leche - New LP

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Format: New LP Label: Lewis Recordings Cat. No. LEWIS11683LP

Barcode: 804076068311

Released: 21/06/2024

Blessing/curse. Division/unity. Love/hate. It’s in the context of a polarising 24-hour, digitised, globally connected world that NightjaR finds its wings. NightjaR being the nom-de-plume and smudged rainbow constellation of collaborative copy-and-paste sound-wrangling and hip-hop from Doves’ Jimi Goodwin. But it’s here and it’s Mala Leche

Mala Leche (Spanish: Bad Milk) is 16 tracks of beats and bars, vocals provided by some of the hip-hop artists at the very top of Jimi’s own, personal home listening lists and interludes that throw back and forth through eras and genres in sometimes playful, occasionally awakeningly abrasive styles. 

It features guest spots from Pan Amsterdam, Homeboy Sandman, Sleaford Mods etc