Mostly Autumn - Back In These Arms - Live 2022 - New 2CD

Mostly Autumn - Back In These Arms - Live 2022 - New 2CD

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Format: New CD Label: NOVA Cat. No. AUT0356 Barcode: 5060119300380 Released: 2022

New double CD

This stunning double live album from Mostly Autumn is the culmination and release of all the pent-up emotion and frustration that gathered after two and a half years of inactivity due to the pandemic. The concert is a mark of some kind of normality returning, and the cast of songs spans 27 years of the band. The magic and intensity is captured deeply in this show and is highly infectious.

Track Listing: Disc 1:

1. Tomorrow Dies; 2. Spirit of Mankind; 3. Nowhere to Hide; 4. The Spirit of Autumn Past-part 2; 5. The Last Climb; 6. Gaze; 7. This Endless War; 8. Back in These Arms; 9. Passengers; 10. Mother Nature;

Disc 2: 1. In for the Bite; 2. Into the Stars; 3. Western Skies; 4. Skin of Mankind; 5. Changing Lives; 6. Silver Glass; 7. Heart, Body and Soul; 8. White rainbow; 9. The Harder that You Hurt; 10. Heroes never Die; 11. Forever and beyond.