Mitch Davis - Bear The Cold - New 7" Single

Mitch Davis - Bear The Cold - New 7" Single

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Format: New 7" Single Label: Arbutus Cat. No. ABT093 Barcode: 844667052794 Released: 16/04/2021

Black 7" vinyl

Mitch Davis is a Canadian songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Dedicated to a DIY ethos throughout his music career, he first moved from Clearwater, B.C. to Edmonton before settling in Montréal. Over the past years he has played with artists such as Faith Healer and Elle Barbara’s Black Space.

Davis has used the pandemic year of 2020 to get started with new projects, reinventing his sound in the vein of classic multi-instrumentalists such as Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren, Sly Stone, and Paul McCartney. His new release contains two cuts, “Bear the Cold” and “What You Say”, both odes to a past relationship. However, one might miss the melancholic suggestion underlying the catchy, harmonic, groovy backbone of these tunes. Both are relatively short, clocking in under three minutes, yet pack a mean punch. They are locked down by bass, uplifted by sax, driven by drums, and sweetened with rhodes, clavinet, piano, synth - all while feeling glued, natural and whole.

Perhaps this is because Davis writes, records, and plays all the instruments himself in an analog studio he built in Chabanel, the post industrial abandoned garment manufacturing district of Montréal. He stays busy out there designing and manufacturing his own equipment, much of which he used in the recording of these songs. As a result of this experimentation with building gear, he has recently released a boutique analog compressor which is gaining steam as a proto-cult tool, already in its second round of production.

Davis hails from a musical family, playing with his siblings since before the age of ten. While dedicated to the creation of music and community his whole adult life, he is committed to exploring new ideas and genres, making Arbutus proud to welcome him to the family with the release of his debut 7” Bear The Cold. For fans of Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren, Sly Stone, and Paul McCartney.