Mark Knopfler - One Deep River - New DLX 2CD

Mark Knopfler - One Deep River - New DLX 2CD

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Format: New 2CD Label: EMI Cat. No. EMICDY2113 Barcode: 602465126655

Released: 12/04/2024

Deluxe 2CD 6 Panel Digipack with 2 x Plastic Trays for the CDs, with Pages Added to the Booklet for the Additional Lyrics.

Mark Knopfler releases his tenth solo studio album on his own British Grove label via EMI. Entitled One Deep River, it features 12 unhurriedly elegant new Knopfler songs, and his warm Geordie vocal tone, his poetic storytelling lyrics and deft, richly melodic guitar playing are all present and correct and as dazzling as ever.

One Deep River offers an unstoppable flow of future Knopfler classics, with their customarily learned lyrics and refined guitar textures. They draw on a lifetime of genre-crossing ingredients and influences in blues, folk, rock and beyond, and as usual, reveal their charms with unhurried grace and depth.