Kula Shaker - Natural Magick - RSD 2024 - New Picture Disc

Kula Shaker - Natural Magick - RSD 2024 - New Picture Disc

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Format: New Picture Disc Label: Strange F.O.L.K Cat. No. STRANGELP4D Barcode: 503730053769 Released: 20/04/2024

Picture Disc

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As anyone who has seen them in the flesh can tell you, Kula Shaker’s live shows are less like gigs than bona-fide happenings, where the bilateral flow of positive energy feels powerful enough to levitate. The band's brand-new 7th studio album, Natural Magick, finds the original 4 members delivering their renewed wild energy that we know and love. A mesmeric 13-track incantation incorporating blazing psychedelic sermons, raga rave-ups, stardust-coated pop pearls and mood-enhancing mantras, it is a technicolor sonic pathway towards a more enlightened state of mind. There is kinetic energy coursing through every second of Natural Magick that is planted firmly in the rolling 24-hour news-feed mind-mash that is today’s Planet Earth.