Johnny Moped - Quonk! - New Neon Pink LP

Johnny Moped - Quonk! - New Neon Pink LP

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Format: New Pink LP Label: Damaged Goods Cat. No. DAMGOOD614LPP

Barcode: 5020422061453

Released: 17/05/2024

To celebrate 50 years of this mighty band – A brand new studio album by the legendary Johnny Moped! Available on CD or on green or pink vinyl (425 copies each), First up, that title - Quonk! What's that all about? Johnny - I have no idea where the name Quonk! come from! it seemed rather weird for a possible album title. Slimy - Incidental noise that’s picked up …. We are a bit like that … Johnny Moped’s Quonk! is very Quonk le Donk (saucepan lid landing on head) and it’s available soon from all Damaged record outlets.