Indigos - Indigos EP - New 12" Cream With Black Swirl

Indigos - Indigos EP - New 12" Cream With Black Swirl

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Format: Cream With Black Swirl Label: ClubAC30 Barcode: (stickered) 603375170141 Released: 21/08/2020

Cream With Black Swirl vinyl

Indigos the latest export of Bristol's vibrant and significant live music scene, are pleased to announce their signing to premiere shoegaze bastions Club AC30 with the release of their heavenly self-titled debut EP. An effortless blend of 90s post-punk grunginess mixed with layers of psychedelic guitars and irresistible pop hooks makes Indigos an enchanting prospect, steeped in that ever popular juxtaposition between dark existential angst and blissful summer licks.

The 4-track was produced by Ben Johnson and Idles guitarist Lee Kiernan. Opener Silhouette Of You enraptures with its dreamy duel harmonies, marching, anthemic beat and blistering chorus while follow-up and lead single 'I'm Healed' goes to ever darker depths. Animalistic leans into their cool slacker grooves and nonchalant delivery before euphoric closer Out Of Body displays their more intimate stylings beautifully paired with a brutal cascade of riffs.

Lyrically the writing is diverse but always viewed through a poetic lens, exploring themes of self-reflection, projection, nostalgia, dystopia and more. For fans of: Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.