Iman Kakai - Lazell - Mark Burgess, Confessions, Lyric and Nostalgia - New Hardback Book

Iman Kakai - Lazell - Mark Burgess, Confessions, Lyric and Nostalgia - New Hardback Book

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Format: New Hardback Book - Label: Moochin About Cat. No. Moochin40 Barcode: 5400863046170 Released: 14/05/2021

In the first in a series of custom made books by critically acclaimed artist Iman Kakai-Lazell, featuring icons of ‘the world of arts and entertainment’ . Each hardback and hand sewn book, will feature rare and unseen photo's, manipulated and re-imagined, with original lyrics & confessions from each subject, presented in a way never seen before. Each series will be extremely limited and will never be repressed. All initial copies will be signed by both the artist and the curator.

The atmospheric post-punk pop band The Chameleons formed in Manchester, England, in 1981 : vocalist/bassist Mark Burgess, guitarists Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding and drummer John Lever. After establishing themselves with a series of high-profile BBC sessions, the Chameleons signed to Epic and debuted with the EP Nostalgia, a tense, moody set produced by Steve Lillywhite which featured the single 'In Shreds.'.... In 1983 with the band's first full-length effort, Script of the Bridge. What Does Anything Mean? Basically followed in 1985, and with it came a new reliance on stylish production; following its release, the Chameleons signed to Geffen and emerged the following year with Strange Times. The dark, complex record proved to be the Chameleons' finale, however, when they split following the sudden death of manager Tony Fletcher; while Burgess and Smithies, now continue under touring under the guise ChameleonsVox...

The Chameleons have had influences on many artists including The Flaming Lips, The Killers, Interpol, The Editors, Slowdive, The National, The Verve, Moby and Oasis.