Friedberg - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - New Clear 12" EP

Friedberg - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - New Clear 12" EP

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Format: New EP Label: MA0292V Cat. No. Marathon Artists Barcode: 5052442020158 Released: 09/04/2021

Crystal clear transparent vinyl

Friedberg was born out of a vision to create a totally new sound for London-based Anna Friedberg (writer, vocals, cowbell, guitar, and more cowbell). Backed by a stellar cast of musicians, Emily Linden (guitar, vocals), Cheryl Pinero (bass, vocals) and Laura Williams (drums), they are developing exactly that. Music that is both immediately familiar but also like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Friedberg, when literally translated, means "peaceful mountain", but this is far from the frenetic and feisty sound of Anna’s colossal new project and her debut EP Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. The full EP’s duality of upbeat, dance-inducing songs and emotionally heavy lyrics on topics of fear, insecurity and the breakdown of a codependent relationship, feel like an all-night party that ends up with new friends on the roof in fuzzy conversation, content in life’s mysteries.