Dion - Blues With Friends - New 2LP

Dion - Blues With Friends - New 2LP

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Format: New Sealed LP Label: Cat No. KTBA61081 Barcode: 804879610816 Released: 05/06/2020

Feat. Bruce Springsteen / Joe Bonamassa / Paul Simon / Van Morrison and more!

“Coming off my last album I was productive, and I ended up with a great batch of songs.

I ran one by Joe Bonamassa, who said right away he wanted to play on it. And that’s how this album came about.

Joe inspired me to invite others. I had songs that were strong and told good stories.

I wanted the best musicians alive like Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Van Morrison and more to take them in unexpected directions.

Wayne Hood, my producer, brought out the best of them. We have amazing songs and great guitars” – Dion



  1. Blues Comin’ On feat. Joe Bonamassa
  2. Kickin’ Child feat. Joe Menza
  3. Uptown Number 7 feat. Brian Setzer
  4. Can’t Start Over Again feat. Jeff Beck
  5. My Baby Loves To Boogie feat. John Hammond
  6. I Got Nothin’ feat. Van Morrison & Joe Louis Walker
  7. Stumbling Blues feat. Jimmy & Jerry Vivino
  8. Bam Bang Boom feat. Billy Gibbons
  9. I Got The Cure feat. Sonny Landreth
  10. Song For Sam Cooke (Here in America) feat. Paul Simon
  11. What If I Told You feat. Samantha Fish
  12. Told You Once In August feat. John Hammond & Rory Block
  13. Way Down (I Won’t Cry No More) feat. Stevie Van Zandt
  14. Hymn to Him feat. Patti Scialfa & Bruce Springsteen