Busted - A Present For Everyone - New Blue LP

Busted - A Present For Everyone - New Blue LP

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Format: New Blue LP Label: Integral Distribution Services Cat. No. INTGDS002LP

Barcode: 5051083197618

Released: 17/05/2024

Get ready to dive into the high-energy world of pop-rock with Busted's electrifying second album, A Present for Everyone, finally available on vinyl. This long-awaited reissue brings back the infectious tunes and irresistible hooks that catapulted Busted to stardom. Featuring the tracks ‘Thunderbirds Are Go,’ ‘Crashed the Wedding,’ and ‘She Wants to Be Me,’ A Present for Everyone is a treasure trove of pop-rock perfection. From the adrenaline-pumping guitar riffs to the anthemic choruses, each song on this album is a certified hit that will have you singing along from start to finish.

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