Blacklab - In A Bizarre Dream - New Ltd LP

Blacklab - In A Bizarre Dream - New Ltd LP

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Format: New Ltd LP Label: New Heavy Sounds Cat. No. NHSLP040X Barcode: 5055869548700 Released: 19/08/2022

Blacklab are back. The self-proclaimed ‘Doom witch duo from Osaka’ are set to drop their 3rd album In A Bizarre Dream this summer. Their debut Under the Strawberry Moon 2.0 saw them taking Sabbath inspired doom, mashing it with a Japanese sensibility and a fuzzed-up groove. It certainly caused a stir, but only hinted at their potential. Album two Abyss added to the mix. A Stooges like squalor to the riffs, dollops of lo-fi hardcore punk and loose riffing, pointing the way towards a signature sound.

So what of the ‘difficult’ third album? Not so difficult at all it seems. In A Bizarre Dream ups the ante considerably, to let rip and define what Blacklab are about. The combined talents of Jun Morino on production and Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Green Lung, Pet Brick, John, Cold In Berlin) on the mix have conspired to produce a towering beast of a record. A real step forward for the ‘Doom Witch Duo’. The drums have a humungous ‘Fugazi’ like welly, and the guitars are a boiling maelstrom of fuzz dense riffola and warped psychedelics, with added synth. Yuko’s throat shredding snarls are as mean as a pissed off Satan, and melodious, often within the same song. This is doom meets hardcore punk, hooky melodies, and killer riffs, all cranked up to the max. Japan has always had a special take on ‘noise’ and ‘heavy’ and with In A Bizarre

Dream Blacklab add their own spin to that tradition. Gone is the lo-fi approach, here is Blacklab in full effect.

In A Bizarre Dream closes with ‘Collapse’ verging on noise rock, complete with throat shredding vocals and a crushing wall of guitars, that switch from a stoner groove to full on punk assault, teetering on mayhem before finally ending with the sound of Yuko switching off her fuzz pedal. Perfect. Blacklab have negotiated that ‘difficult’ third album with aplomb and have created a sound that, despite their many influences, is all their own