Affection Place - Smouldering Fire - New LP

Affection Place - Smouldering Fire - New LP

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Format: New LP Label: Cat. No. AFP1/1 Barcode: Re;leased: 2024

French band Affection Place have released their album Smouldering Fire featuring Dave Formula on keyboards (Magazine, Visage) and recorded at his The Sweet Factory Studio, right here in Louth.

extra ordinary Magazine-ish …. rubbery upfront bass guitar perfected by Barry Adamson and shards of John McGeoch like guitar — *** MOJO

… shades of Killing Joke and Magazine … sounds like goth-pop overlap of Sisters of Mercy and the Damned. — ******* UNCUT 

… chunky rhythms and punchy bass of Empires and Dance-era Simple Minds with a smooth production sheen of Japan or Ultravox and the sensibilites of Stranglers. — ******* VIVE LE ROCK