AC/DC - Powerage (50th Anniversary)  - New Gold LP

AC/DC - Powerage (50th Anniversary) - New Gold LP

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Format: Gold LP Label: Sony Cat. No.19658834601 Barcode: 196588346019

Released: 15/03/2024

With AC/DC's third release, Powerage, the band was dispensing even heftier ammo from their hook-laden cartridge belt. With the rock-steady rhythm section pounding out 4/4 beats as if it were overtaking a small country, guitarists (and brothers) Angus and Malcolm Young trade towering riffs that belie their pint-sized physical stature.

The real change on Powerage is a noted improvement in songwriting skill. The six-minute "Down Payment Blues" actually has a sense of restraint and building tension, as opposed to the band's usual hit-the-ground running approach.