Love Record Stores

Love Record Stores limited edition Independent Albums Of The Year vinyl 2020.

Limited to one item per customer. 

These online events have been brought about by our colleagues in the music industry to give independent record shops, labels and artists a boost during lockdown 2020. 

Tim Burgess is the ambassador for Love Record Stores 2020.  He says:

“The idea of what we would do without physical record shops has been a question we’ve asked in the past, but now it’s looking more possible than ever and we need to do whatever we can to help. Record shops are like drop in therapy centres for me - there’s a calmness, a familiarity and a sense of belonging that I don’t feel in many other places. A chance to talk with like-minded people - and maybe be reminded that you didn’t know as much about music as you thought you did. Like an animal threatened with extinction - we need to organise ourselves to try and stop it happening. Record shops have been good to me since I first ever spent time on my own - they’ve been good to us, let’s do what we can to help.”